Beware of the Litter Lion!

Posted by on December 11, 2008 in Green Schools | 0 comments

IMG_0909.JPGWe did another Reduce, Reuse, Recycle assembly today — this time at Dixie School in beautiful Lucas Valley. (The picture to the right is from the same assembly we did at Edna Maguire in case you’re familiar with Dixie!)

It was Marijanna’s first time as Ms. Stuff! Nora (having mastered the role of goofball litterbug Ms. Stuff at Olive School last time) had the Environmental Action Club at Davidson at the same time, so it was also our first time doing the RRR Assembly with just three people, but by all reports it went great. That’s really good for us to know so that we can reduce the staff time needed for each assembly — which makes it easier for us to schedule too! — though the assemblies are a fun thing we all enjoy.

Yes, that is our handsome (and willing to do anything for the cause) executive director in the Litter Lion costume. You should hear him ROAR if you don’t recycle!!

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