California Water Shortage… again

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California Water Shortage… again

National attention has been brought to the circumstances facing Californians. The state of emergency has been put in place for water rationing. We need to conserve but can we do it fast enough. In a poll published by Huffington Post.

“Some 94 percent of polled voters said the shortage was serious, with over two-thirds describing the shortfall as extremely serious. Respondents in northern California, the Central Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area were more likely than their southern California counterparts to say the problem was extreme.

About four in 10 voters said they felt the state’s existing water storage and supply facilities could not meet the state’s needs, a rate almost two times higher than when respondents were asked the same question in 1980.”

Most experts agree the global climate change is of human cause and the impact will be seen in the frequently and intensity of weather patterns. Storm systems have been impacted whereby scientists are predicting more storms in the Atlantic Ocean, with more intense wind speeds and predictably more damage to coastlines. Droughts in the west are now depleting the water table thereby impacting the water supply for crop production. The economic impact is not yet clear for California. However, if there is an economic impact on California, it is felt all over the nation.

Next Generation is seeking all Marin residents and beyond to conserve water. Working in schools throughout Marin county allows Next Generation’s eco-educators to impact school communities, teach youth about water cycles and to conserve. We are asking that you too join in our