Welcome to Next Generation!

Welcome to Next Generation!

Next Generation provides opportunities for youth in Marin County to learn about and get involved in issues they care about outside the classroom, and to gain the tools and skills to be heard and make a difference in whatever field they are passionate about.  In short, Next Generation’s mission is to empower and grow youth into leaders.

Since our founding in 2002, Next Generation has built a diverse array of programs and relationships to foster education and action for peace and sustainability.  Our programs extend the participation of students from schools out into the community, and have engaged more than 20,000 young people during the past 10 years.

With our groundbreaking programs such as the Green Schools Program, and our YIN (Youth In Nature) programs, Next Gen is providing opportunities for youth from elementary school through high school to experience up close and in real time, hands on activities to experience the impact they can have on our environment today and in the future.   They learn about how they can take action and create change.

Our programs and activities encompass our core values of sustainability, peace, and social justice while promoting inspiration, hope, community, youth leadership, local action, and practical solutions.

For a look into Next Generation’s dynamic garden education please have a look at this recent video.


Increasing Environmental Knowledge

We know that you, our constituents, want to know how our programs are influencing the students we touch.  Next Generation is committed to implementing programs that have a direct and measurable impact on schools, youth and educators in Marin County.  Next Generation sets achievable goals and employs quantitative and qualitative measures to gauge our performance to ensure we are delivering effective activities, outputs and outcomes. We tracked the below outcomes through pre and post testing and activity evaluation surveys.

  • increased knowledge of environmental issues
  • increased motivation to take action
  • increased use of school gardens and open space


Environmental Education Impact Results

Last year, Next Generation conducted 230 activities engaging more than 3,700 unique students for elementary school children, after school programs and  community events.

Green Schools Program Activities included:

  • Over two hundred school garden and nature awareness activities engaging 941 students on repeated occasions
  • Thirteen Leadership Meetings engaging 25 students
  • Twenty eight In-class environmentally-themed lessons on a range of gardening and sustainability topics including composting, recycling and waste reduction, photosynthesis, life cycles, processing acorns, permaculture and ecology
  • Four Eco Adventure Field Trips & Local Excursions with 100 different students from 2 schools to local open spaces
  • Three School-Based Events including our 8th Annual Sustainability Festival at Redwood High reaching over 1,200 students and 15 teachers; an Earth Day Celebration at Vallecito; workshops during the harvest festival at Laurel Dell.
  • Two Community Events including: Marin Earth Day in April and the Fairfax Festival in June engaging over 560 participants with two performances each of our ecological Puppet Shows.
  • Hosted our signature ‘Turn The Tide’ event—an evening celebrating youth and community activism that promotes peace and sustainability.
  • Continued involvement on the Dixie District Green Initiative (now Project Green), to improve sustainability practices at all four schools
  • Engaging students and teachers at our six partner schools to green their campuses

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