Neil Cummins Elementary School Science Fair

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IMG_1076.JPGStudents, parents, and teachers from the Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera enjoyed an evening of wacky science experiments including larger than life bubbles, a bike powered smoothie machine, telescopes to observe the night’s sky, toothpick marshmallow structures, static electricity balloons, worm bin compost, and cow eye dissections at the science fair on January 14th. At the fair, Next Generation presented a water conservation and pollution demonstration to empahsize the value of the Earth’s fresh water resources. After adding to the “water pollution soup” and signing a water conservation pledge, the students created the following list of actions to green their lives.

IMG_1078.JPG“Garden. Don’t litter. Bring a plate for hot lunch. Turn off the lights. Drive cars that suck up carbon dioxide and run on oxygen. Don’t waste water. Turn the heater off when you are not at home. Walk to school. Recycle. Don’t waste paper. Put solar panels on your roof. Take my shower shorter.”
Please enjoy their words of wisdom as an inspiration to take action for a more sustainable world in your own daily lifestyle.

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