Next Generation Programs

Next Generation Programs


Green Schools Program

The Green Schools Program is the core of our work. Tailored to each school’s interests and priorities, program offerings include in-class sustainability lessons, school garden and nature awareness activities, school-wide assemblies, puppet shows, outdoor field trips and excursions, as well as service learning opportunities. In addition, the Green Schools Program provides youth leadership development, facilitation for eco and garden clubs, and consultation services to help schools green their campuses and connect with community organizations that can assist them to reduce their environmental footprint.

  • In-class sustainability lessons
  • School garden and nature awareness activities
  • Campus-wide environmental awareness assemblies
  • Puppet shows
  • Outdoor field trips and excursions
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Youth leadership development
  • Facilitation for eco and garden clubs
  • Consultation services to help schools green their campuses and connect with community organizations that can assist them in reducing their environmental footprint

We aim to continue refining and improving both our effectiveness and our programs to provide our funders with high level of quality outputs for modest investment. Overall, the response from students, teachers and administrators continues to be positive, and our programs are in demand again for the upcoming school year.   Interested in learning how you can bring our Green Schools Program to your school?  Contact Scott Plymale to learn more.     

Youth In Nature Initiative

 Next Generation’s pioneering Youth in Nature (YIN) Initiative, is an extension of our Green Schools Program. Now in it’s sixth year, the YIN Initiative was founded on our belief that first-hand experience of nature and the outdoors culminates in the desire to protect and preserve our environment, wildlife, and plants. Program activities expose youth to local open spaces and natural beauty in order to cultivate an understanding of their value and increase their use and stewardship.  Next Generation’s Eco Educators work with schools to implement hands-on guided activities, local excursions and field trips in natural areas such as school gardens and habitat, parks, wetlands, open space, beaches, and farms. These experiences foster an appreciation of and a personal connection to nature, natural cycles and the resources we rely on.  There is a special focus on schools with significant under-served populations, including Laurel Dell, San Pedro, Venetia Valley and Davidson Middle Schools.

Youth Leadership

Our Youth Leadership program is designed to grow community leaders. Teens from Marin high schools team to design and deliver our summer camp program. Participants receive leadership and education training. During the Next Gen Summer FARM Camp, Youth Leaders work as camp counselors, teach younger students about food, nature, and sustainability.