Green Schools Program:
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Tailored to each school’s interests and priorities, program offerings include in-class sustainability lessons, school garden and nature awareness activities, school-wide assemblies, puppet shows, outdoor field trips and excursions, as well as service learning opportunities. In addition, the Green Schools Program provides youth leadership development, facilitation for eco and garden clubs, and consultation services to help schools green their campuses and connect with community organizations that can assist them to reduce their environmental footprint.

  • In-class sustainability lessons
  • School garden and nature awareness activities
  • Campus-wide environmental awareness assemblies
  • Puppet shows
  • Outdoor field trips and excursions
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Youth leadership development
  • Facilitation for eco and garden clubs
  • Consultation services to help schools green their campuses and connect with community

Organizations that can assist them in reducing their environmental footprint. We aim to continue refining and improving both our effectiveness and our programs to provide our funders with high level of quality outputs for modest investment. Overall, the response from students, teachers and administrators continues to be positive, and our programs are in demand again for the upcoming school year. Interested in learning how you can bring our Green Schools Program to your school? Contact Us!.

Summer Sustainability Leadership Program: leadership program

Next Generation summer leadership program supports high school students looking to gain a hands-on, experience based learning experience through training in sustainability and ecology. In the summer of 2016, Next Generation will be selecting participants who will be paid a stipend. The program is led by a seasoned Eco-Educator who will be training the leadership program members for six weeks during the summer. The six-week program includes four weeks of garden maintenance, one week of curriculum development and one week delivering Next Generation Garden Camp.Sign up Today!

Next Generation Summer Leadership Application

Garden Camp: leadership program

In the summer of 2016, Next Generation’s Summer Garden Camp kick off with full filled learning opportunities. Garden camp allows students to play in the garden, do garden projects, harvest plants and cook foods. If your child likes playing in the garden and learning more about how to care for it they will love this program. This camp will be run by Next Generation’s Eco Educators and members of Next Generation’s leadership program.

  • Morning Session: 9:30am- 3pm Cost: $290
  • Extended Care: 3:00-4:30 Additional $100
  • Contact Us Today to register!

Next Generation Farm Camp Enrollment