Spring Planting

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Spring Planting

Next Generation looks towards the spring season with open arms. The weather this winter did not generate the much needed water. As we enter into the planting season, keep in mind the limitations on water that could soon play a large part in your gardens. Spring offers a wide assortment of flowering plants, vegetables and herbs- but some of these plants and drain your planters of water and as a result begin to wilt with the summer heat. Marin Municipal Water has been keeping a close eye on public awareness and here at Next Generation, we want to do our part as well.

leaf imageElizabeth has been working very hard at all of our partner schools. The ground is ripe for planting and the elementary school children are eager to see their seedlings root. With all of these events, it will be exciting to see the fruits of our labor. Please keep in touch by calling or writing to find out more how we can assist in your school’s garden.



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