When It Rains It Pours – an Abundance of Lessons!

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For months now, I (Nora) have been going back and forth with several busy teachers from 4 different schools — Davidson, Miller Creek, Redwood, and San Marin — to try to schedule lessons. For whatever reason, it was taking a lot of effort to get these particular lessons scheduled.

Well, yesterday I did three hour-and-a-half lessons at Redwood about civic engagement and activism, and was even more excited to get these other lessons scheduled when I walked into the office today. The interesting thing is that while I didn’t actually take any action today as a result of that excitement to schedule more lessons, requests for lessons from all these teachers started rolling in out of nowhere!

A teacher I hadn’t heard from since November emailed me requesting lessons on alternative energy. Another teacher I hadn’t heard back from since early December emailed me requesting our Food for Thought, Deconstructing Advertising, and Economics of Sustainability lessons. A teacher who I’d been emailing back and forth with since October called, and we set up 16 lessons on alternative energy and food issues. And a teacher I had never heard of but who had gotten our flyer contacted me about doing civic engagement lessons for her class! All in the last 24 hours!

It can sometimes be frustrating to be taking the actions you know to take, following up, and not seeing the immediate results — in this case, scheduling these lessons. But perhaps something shifted in the world! Maybe it’s the inauguration of our new president, who is highlighting the need for service and environmental sustainability. Either way, as the adage goes, it seems that when it rains, it pours.

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